*Brian is Samoan and served in the defence force. Before being offered a home with Compass NZ, Richard had been staying with friends and family, moving every few months. 

Once settled in his new home, Brian found a passion for energy futures and loved creating a community garden with his neighbours.

“Before I came here I had no fixed abode and no sense of belonging.” he said.

“The moment I received the call that Compass Housing was going to offer me a house I was elated. I was over the moon and I was grateful that it had finally come."

Dal and Langh

Dal and Langh arrived in New Zealand as refugees from Myanmar. They had fled their country, and everything they knew, in search of a safe home. The Red Cross took care of them in the early stages and connected them with Compass NZ. The couple were provided with a safe home and they are starting to rebuild their lives.

Dal had been a civil servant in Myanmar and is retraining so he can resume his career in his adopted country. 

He is studying and has part-time work, assisting other refugees settle into Auckland.


When Melenaite arrived at Compass NZ, she admits to feeling very nervous yet excited and happy when she viewed, and then accepted the keys to her first-floor apartment.

 Everything was new and beautiful and she was determined to make the most of this opportunity. “I like this place” she said and “I like to make it tidy and clean.”

The feeling of freedom and independence to come and go as she pleases and do her own thing in a quiet environment with no noise are the best things about living in her Compass NZ apartment. 


Betty was relieved and happy to have a place of her own when I came to Papatoetoe. Prior to that, Betty had been living with extended family.

Betty expected her new place with Compass NZ to be an old state house but was very impressed with the new complex. She was delighted that there were security gates and, most of all, loved that the studio was semi furnished.  

According to Betty "The icing on the cake was the affordable rent which included free power, water and WiFi. Choice alright!”


Aukuso was born in Samoa and came to New Zealand many years ago to look for a better future for himself and his family.

Aukuso was introduced to Compass NZ by Strive, a support agency that provides emergency and transitional housing and social services.

“When I came to Compass NZ I was just looking for a safe and stable roof over my head, as I looked for work.  I am proud to say I have found part-time work and I'm in a much more stable environment than I was in before."


Ange found herself in emergency housing when she could no longer afford the rental on her apartment. 

“I was told about Compass through the emergency housing provider and when I was shown around I was so blown away by how beautiful it was. This was a place I could call home and give me that independence back while also being affordable.” said Ange.

Ange enjoys socialising and living in a community environment but is secure in the knowledge that she has her own space that she can call her place.