Grow a Star

About the program

Grow a Star is an innovative, Compass youth mentoring and scholarship program that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome the financial or generational obstacles that are preventing them from following their dreams. 

In households where finances are tight, young people often miss out on the sort of extra-curricular activities that play an important role in connecting people to their communities. Grow a Star encourages generational change by empowering young people to follow their academic, sporting or artistic dreams.

By enabling young people to pursue their passions, the program helps foster habits and behaviours that can set young people up for life. 

The benefits of participating in Grow a Star are frequently far broader than the accomplishment of a participant’s short term goals. For many participants the mentoring on offer through the program represents the first time anyone outside their immediate family has demonstrated any sort of belief in their abilities and, even more importantly, has shown them a genuine pathway towards achieving their goals.

Since its launch in Australia in 2012, Grow a Star has assisted more than 200 young people to pursue their academic, sporting or artistic goals. 

Inaugural Compass NZ Recipient

We are delighted to announce Luisa as the inaugural Compass NZ Grow a Star recipient.

Luisa is a student at Alfriston College and has received an academic scholarship to assist her pursue her aspirations to study Law in 2019.

Luisa’s ambition is to be a human rights lawyer and a new laptop, provided by Compass NZ through Grow a Star, will help with her studies.